The Ormã Mission

Everytime a human being reaches higher levels of consciousness, they also elevate the collective consciousness, marking a step forward in its evolution. Because we are ALL one.

I was raised with the awareness to take care of myself, my body and mind. I always wanted to give my life meaning through nurturing. The human nature requires of each one of us, altruism, sharing and looking out for those around us.

That is why once I had finished my degree in Nutritional Sciences, I set out to discover other worlds and find my soul p
I explored the energy of the four corners of the earth, from New Zealand to São Tomé and Príncipe, and India to Hawaii. I currently live between Lisbon and London, where I am finishing a course in Naturopathic Nutrition.

Building on my solid background in science, my mission is to bring holistic health to a whole new level, adding the spiritual dimension of our being to generate more well-being and happiness. The ORMÃ project was created in this spirit. This project has allowed me to focus my activity as a Holistic Integrative Nutritionist on programmes that I call “journeys”. Each journey is a different way to help my patients get rid of everything preventing them from reaching their highest potential of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Each journey will help them listen more closely to their bodies, gain in-depth knowledge of their own natural rhythms and achieve complete harmony.

In this blog, me and my team will share information, tips and news that will help you gain scientific knowledge and spiritual insights, and walk the path towards a truly healthy, balanced and fulfilled life.

I will share the steps and therapies I have used and the changes I have made on my journey towards an ever-increasing awareness of where I stand in the world. This blog is a testimony of my ever-lasting gratitude for my life, my experiences and for finding my essence.

With love