Spring, time to Blossom!

In the Wiccan calendar, Ostara celebrates the spring equinox, the time when light and darkness find balance. The longest days represent the transition of the Sun God becoming mature. The Earth, the Goddess, becomes warmer and more fertile.

Spring is a rebirth after the slumber winter. It is the peak of creation, when everything is reborn and blooms.

Spring means becoming clear about what serves us and elevates us, and what does not make our heart sing is left in the darkness of the winter. It is a period to start new projects, explore new ideas and take advantage of the expanding and blossoming energy.
Spring is the season of the Maiden archetype, it is a time to express our inner energies and bring them to the light. The insights that were asleep during the winter can be revealed.

Spring opens up the new astrological year ruled by the SUN. It comes loaded with light, ready to awaken the radiance in us that will enlighten the entire collective. The light always finds ways to shine upon what was hidden within us.

Still far from the heat and passion of the summer, spring offers the opportunity to enjoy the balanced energy of the Equinox.
What do you expect spring to bring you? The seed was planted, now it is time to see it grow.